Free Book Delivery!

Spartacus Books is now offering free delivery in the so-called Vancouver area. Just click the button below to request a delivery from us. Give us a book title or a preferred subject and we will find you good things to read!

We have an online inventory website at You can use this to search for authors or browse our categories.

Get your quarantine reads, some cool free zines, and support our space 🙂

Delivery safety

We are doing our best to keep folks safe while delivering books.

  • We are continuing to regularly sanitize our space.
  • We are regularly washing our hands.
  • We are holding incoming packages and donations for a day to give any pathogens on them time to live out their life.
  • We will do ‘no-contact’ deliveries if you are able to pay ahead of time (e-transfer or credit card on the phone) or leave cash in an envelope for us.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at if you have any questions or concerns.