Reopening safety plan

We are taking the following actions to ensure our space is safe for both collective members and members of the community. We acknowledge that these actions require commitment from everyone who is using the space.

  • Anyone entering the space will be asked to clean their hands with soap and water in the bathroom, or hand sanitizer as a secondary option.
    • We should make sure we have very gentle, fragrance-free soap available for folks to use and paper towels or clean towels.
  • We are asking all customers and volunteers to wear masks when in the store if they are able to. We have extra on hand for anyone to take for free.
  • Only allow up to 2 households (up to 6 people, plus a volunteer) in the store.
  • Remove the fridge and not have any shared food in the store.
  • Expectation of 2m social distancing between people in store.
  • Install signage encouraging social distancing at entrance and around the store.
  • Add directional tape on the floor and markings showing 2 meter spacing in the lineup.
  • Install some sort of plexiglass divider and some markings for 2 metres in front of the desk.
  • Any items that are received should be set aside for 72 hours or sanitized, these include:
    • New consignment 
    • Returned DVDs or library books
  • Ensure any chairs in use are 2 metres apart.
  • Only provide access to 1 public computer.
  • Keep doing delivery and pickup as long as we have people.
  • Ensure we are cleaning the store daily and high touch surfaces regularly.

Space usage expectations

We are unable to function as a social space for the near future, so this limits our function as an infoshop. 

We are opening to allow for the following

  • People who want to purchase books, zines, and other cool things and aren’t able or don’t want to order via delivery/pickup.
  • People who want to borrow library books or rent DVDs.
  • People who need to use the washroom or access drinking water. 
  • People who need to use a computer, a printer, a phone, or reliable internet. 
  • Online meetings/events using our GoToMeeting or other accounts.

We aren’t able to offer the following

  • A place to host events or meet. We suggest that either meeting in a public park nearby, or using a tool like jitsi meet to conduct an online meeting.
  • A place to kill time and socialise. There are lots of nice places in the community nearby that you could meet (fingers crossed the weather stays nice).
  • A place to access food. We aren’t able to safely prepare food at this point, but this may change as time goes on.
  • Volunteer applications. If you want to volunteer please apply on our website at

We expect everyone using the space to respect these guidelines, the space, and the people in it. We are trying to strike a balance that keeps our community safe while offering services to help the community and financially sustain our store. If you have concerns or feedback you can email the collective at


Before we closed, we were following a fairly stringent cleaning protocol, so we will return to this.

!! Remember to regularly wash your hands !!!

Clean after each use (by volunteer)

  • Public computer keyboard and mouse (prefer isopropyl, bleach solution is also ok if you dry it off and don’t use too much)
  • POS terminal (use isopropyl wipes)
  • Bathroom handles and toilet (using bleach is ok as long as you give it a bit to evaporate) 
  • Any cash that you have received from a customer (use isopropyl spray or wipes)
  • The phone if a customer uses it (use isopropyl spray or wipes)

Clean every hour or so

  • Front door handle (using bleach spray)

Clean at the end of every day

  • Desk computer keyboard and mouse 
  • Countertops (use the lysol thing)
  • Knobs and buttons you touched (use isopropyl wipes)

Clean every couple days

  • Floor (with mop and some kinda soap solution)