Cleaning note: We are currently sanitizing high-touch surfaces using a bleach solution. We are attempting to avoid scented cleaners where possible.

  • Entrance and interior space are ground floor,  no stairs
  • Bathroom is not gendered
  • We have florescent lighting.
  • We often play music (sometimes loud) but you can totally ask us to turn it down for you.
  • Front door: 42″ wide, handle height 39.5″,  door swings out to the street
  • 1st doorway into back space: 34.75″ wide,  no door
  • 2nd doorway into further-back back space: 34.5″ wide,  no door
  • Bathroom door: 29″ wide, handle height 36″,  door swings into bathroom
  • Space between bathroom door to toilet: 42″
  • Space between toilet edge and opposite wall: 35″
  • Toilet height: 14″
  • Sink height: 31″
  • Dimensions of bathroom: 60″x59.5″

RAMP Accessibility Audit Overview

RAMP Accessibility Audit Checklist

RAMP Accessibility Audit FAQ

RAMP Accessibility Audit Current Layout (2014 – there have been a few changes since, including replacing one couch with two chairs and moving the magazines to behind the reception/cashier desk).

If you have any additional questions about the space, please contact us at [email protected] or 604-688-6138.