COVID note: We are taking additional precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The accessibility info of our space has changed. For example, we are using cleaners like bleach and isopropyl alcohol and asking folks to wash their hands when entering the store. We are also asking people to wear masks in the store and we have free masks available, but we also understand that some folks are not able to wear masks. Please see our reopening procedures for more information. We would also be happy to respond to feedback or answer questions over email to

  • Entrance and interior space are ground floor,  no stairs
  • Bathroom is not gendered
  • We have florescent lighting.
  • We often play music (sometimes loud) but you can totally ask us to turn it down for you.
  • Front door: 42″ wide, handle height 39.5″,  door swings out to the street
  • 1st doorway into back space: 34.75″ wide,  no door
  • 2nd doorway into further-back back space: 34.5″ wide,  no door
  • Bathroom door: 29″ wide, handle height 36″,  door swings into bathroom
  • Space between bathroom door to toilet: 42″
  • Space between toilet edge and opposite wall: 35″
  • Toilet height: 14″
  • Sink height: 31″
  • Dimensions of bathroom: 60″x59.5″

RAMP Accessibility Audit Overview

RAMP Accessibility Audit Checklist

RAMP Accessibility Audit FAQ

RAMP Accessibility Audit Current Layout (2014 – there have been a few changes since, including replacing one couch with two chairs and moving the magazines to behind the reception/cashier desk).

If you have any additional questions about the accessibility of the space, please contact Tom at or call the collective member on shift at 604-688-6138.